• We are a credible organization representing seed sector stakeholders where all members are recognized as players with the hallmark quality.
  • We facilitate conducive legal Environment for Business and thus form a strong force to lobby and to promote policies and legislation that protect members investments
  • We advocate on your behalf on specific concerns and challenges to be addressed by government and its ministries, Departments and Agencies, and all other organizations
  • You have access to global information sharing, Publications and skills through capacity development programmes to ensure international and national standards.
  • You have the opportunity to share experience and techniques to improve your business environment
  • We offer a platform for you to network and advertise products, strike business deals, trade high quality seeds, and expand your market across Ghana and beyond
  • We ensure members adhere to high standards for quality giving you priority in all engagements with other stakeholders including programmes, projects, farmers groups etc.
  • We project the image of members at international fora / level where applicable.
  • We assist you understand your market and scope through effective data management system.
  • We keep you informed on local and international trade opportunities and provide all the needed support to facilitate your trade internationally across the boarders when needed.
  • Market access issues or limitations concerning export and import of seed.

Brief Intro

The National Seed Trade Association of Ghana (NASTAG) is an amalgamation of all the seed value chain actors, and was established in February 2016. It currently counts 36 members and expected to grow. The Association is dedicated to supporting the competitiveness of Ghana’s seed value chain through business and technical capacity building of its members

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Email: info@nastag.org
Tel: +233302950741
Mobile: +233200783218
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#7 Larye-Ania Street, West Legon

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