MOFA Staff Equipped to Provide Top-Notch Policy Analysis to Boost Agricultural Growth in Ghana

APSP contracted the services of the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER) of the University of Ghana to implement a three- week capacity building workshop for 19 staff from the Ministry of Food and Agriculture’s (MoFA) Policy Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate (PPMED) and related directorates in project and policy planning, policy cycle, monitoring and evaluation and policy analysis. APSP’s support aims to build the capacity of PPMED, which due to lack of adequate resources and low staff capacity, cannot adequately fulfill its mandate to carry out agricultural policy analysis for the development of MoFA policies, plans, programs, and budgets.
“With this hands-on training, we now know how to improve our policy analysis and be more useful to the management of the Ministry.” -Mr. Ayueboro Adama, one of the trainees
Thanks for this training, MoFA’s staff now have the capacity to fulfill the ministry’s mandate. The project will continue supporting MoFA staff in building their skills to analyze impacts of macro-economic policies on the agricultural sector and develop policy briefs on key issues that hinder sector growth to provide timely and adequate advice to policymakers.
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