Supporting Effective and Efficient Agriculture Policies through Research

The Agriculture Policy Support Project (APSP) in collaboration with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) held the inaugural Agriculture Policy Research Summit in Accra on August 15, 2017.
In attendance were the USAID/Ghana Acting Mission Director Mr. Steven E. Hendrix, and two MoFA Deputy Ministers: Hon. William Agyepong Quaittoo responsible for Perennial Crops and Hon. Dr. Sagre Bambangi responsible for Annual Crops, who represented the Minister of Food and Agriculture.
In his opening remarks at the summit, Mr. Hendrix stated that “where policymaking is concerned, we believe research is a critical component to creating the most effective agricultural policies.” According to Mr. Hendrix, it is in this vein that USAID/Ghana supports MoFA with research and policy analysis, and builds the capacity of public and private organizations to closely monitor and evaluate agriculture programs.
Stakeholders discussed the findings of nine policy studies jointly commissioned by APSP and MoFA in 2016, and explored how proposed recommendations could be adopted to formulate policies. By facilitating consultation between researchers and policy-makers, APSP is helping to ensure that agricultural policies in Ghana reflect informed decisions based on empirical research. The studies conducted by five local academic and research institutions (University for Development Studies, University of Cape Coast, the Science and Technology Policy Research Institute, Crop Research Institute, and the University of Ghana) focused on four key thematic.