The National Seed Trade Association of Ghana (NASTAG) is an amalgamation of all the seed value chain actors, and was established in February 2016. It currently counts 36 members and expected to grow. The Association is dedicated to supporting the competitiveness of Ghana’s seed value chain through business and technical capacity building of its members, promotion of effective collaboration among and between actors, advocacy, regulation and standardization and provision of general seed information. It has positioned itself to supporting the industry players to develop their niche to the fullest potential for individual and collective benefits; ultimately contributing to enhancing agricultural production that will improve farmers’ livelihoods and overall development of the agriculture sector in Ghana.

Our Mission

To promote the interest of the members by upholding high standards in supplying improved seeds for increased crop production in Ghana through advocacy programs; capacity building of members in technical skills, business and ethics; promotion of public-private partnerships; and the promotion of improved technologies for the development of members’ businesses.

Our Vision

To be the apex organization for promoting the growth of the seed industry through the improvement of members’ businesses and the use of quality seed for improved livelihoods in Ghana.

Our Objectives

The objectives in the NASTAGs Constitution is summarized here into four Broad goals:

  1. Build the capacities of seed industry players for business effectiveness and competitiveness;

  2. Serve as the balanced voice for advocacy issues, representing global, regional, and national seed enterprises: seed producers, processors, traders, and research institutions;

  3. Improve communication between seed stakeholders in Ghana, West Africa and the world by providing necessary seed industry information, such as a statistical database on Ghana’s seed production and trade; and

  4. To develop as a vibrant, representative, accountable and financially sustainable organisation.

Our Values

  • Ensure equal recognition of all members, all of whom provide us with direction

  • Encourage consensus-driven decision-making

  • Promote member participation and prioritization of common issues.

  • Pursue alliances with other similar groups that can contribute to our objectives

  • Ensure highest level of ethics and transparency accompany all of our activities